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This Memoir...

has been written as a labor of love. My compulsion to share how an Orthodox Jewish single life and its challenges are truly experienced, grew over the years. I wanted to clear the air, sweep away presumptions and unlock the door for those who misunderstand. Would sharing my story, just one of thousands, illuminate the layers of complexities? Would it lead to more awareness, compassion, and empathy in those who are “matched” while providing validation and support to the “unmatched”? I didn’t know, but I wanted to try. This book is the result – the key that will open that mystifying door for you.


Won’t you step over that threshold and join me? I’ll take you along from my early childhood’s growing awareness of God and relationships to my adult struggle as I search for a spouse. You’ll accompany me on the winding road of adventures, dates, and challenges to my faith. We will arrive at our destination with the lessons I’ve learned along the way.  


Love, heartbreak, and faith are woven into the fabric of all our lives despite our differing religious outlooks and backgrounds. I included uncomfortable truths regularly brushed aside to avert controversy, yet I sought to disclose those truths with modesty and privacy. As an antidote to the weighty, nature of these tales, I relate them with a light touch. 

It is impossible to convey the full account, but I hope that by opening the door I have given you a small, yet realistic glimpse into the “unmatched” world. 

Sarah Lavane

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