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With her sometimes funny, always intimate, uncensored memoir,
Sarah Lavane puts a human face
on the 
challenges of being
“unmatched” in a “matched”
Orthodox Jewish world. 

Available in hardcover, paperback and e-book
at Amazon, and other sellers. Ask for it at your local bookstore.

Unmatched is superb in that it illustrates the quandary of single women that most of us simply do not understand. Lavane shares her struggles and bares her soul of her frustrations and challenges, and it is a heartbreaking read. Some of the dating stories are funny and par for the course. Others are devastatingly brutal... Lavane does not play the blame game or launch irrational rants. She shares her struggles and challenges in an honest and often humorous manner. I have never read anything like this before.               

 - Jewish Link, Ben Rothke

Like the immersive experience of a visitor to a museum of the blind, the reader is plunged into an alien environment – the quest of a Jewish woman in search of a compatible mate, along with the raging emotions, the humility, grief, betrayal, despair and faith. The book gets an A+ for achieving the author's expressed goal of sharing the journey. 

- Jewish Action, Rebbetzin Faigie Horowitz

A book unmatched in the world of Orthodox Jewish literature... in a conversational style that is refreshing... Sarah is impeccably honest about her pain, her mistakes and her resolutions to work on herself.

 - The Jewish Press, Rosally Saltsman

Unmatched” is one of the best books on Jewish dating you will ever read, and will force you to look at single people in a new and more compassionate way.

- The Algemeiner

Lavane shares her journey toward self-acceptance and self-love, and her realization that every life, married or not, is valuable. Her most important lesson for the "unmatched?" "Don't lose yourself while looking for someone else."

- Jewish Chicago, Michelle Cohen

I never had such an experience reading a memoir. I was captivated throughout.  When it ended, I mourned as though I had lost a profoundly decent, most hilarious and loyal friend. Unmatched indeed.

- Ruchama King Feuerman, author, Seven Blessings


An important book... potentially cathartic for long-time singles and an eye-opening lesson in sensitivity for others.

- Rabbi Jack Abramowitz, author, The God Book

I hung onto every last word and visualized each situation. A poignant memoir that speaks of the heartbreak and stereotypes when you are unmatched in the Jewish world. Her stories are not hers alone...

- Jodi Samuels, founder, Jewish International Connection

The author’s open and genuine voice pulls you at once into the richly depicted days of her life. Amid intriguing glimpses into her Brooklyn childhood and adolescence, her parents and their holocaust history, she weaves the tale of her dating life and the men it was her lot to meet. The fanciful names she gives them, like Swell, Singular, GothGuy, tell us as much about the author’s humor and sensitivity as they do about the characters she dated... She maintains the great effort of living life fully and not letting go of love. Her narrative speaks to us all, women and men, matched and unmatched, childless and childfull, all of us who know what it takes to make it up the mountain every hour of every day. 

 - Paula

Inviting the reader to be a fly on the wall as she rides the waves of her always engaging, often flabbergasting, journey in quest of her soul-mate, one cannot help but feel the wide range of emotions the author is experiencing at each stage of her life...  the author pulls no punches in exposing the good, the bad, and the ugly of the orthodox world, even as it is ultimately the "good" that remains her beacon of light, guiding her through the darkness at every turn...  In the final analysis, "Unmatched" is a very important, heroic, and entertaining piece of work that touches the "neshama" (soul) and humanity within the reader, as it opens our eyes and heart to a significant, but all too often misunderstood, segment of our community.

 - Manny

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